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The Bowen Law Group Georgia Entertainment Lawyers How to Choose

How to Choose an Entertainment Lawyer

So far in this series we have explored what entertainment law is, what entertainment lawyers do, and how to know when you need an entertainment attorney on your team. If you have decided that you are ready to add a lawyer to your team, you may be wondering how to

The Bowen Law Group Georgia Entertainment Lawyers How to Choose

Do I Need an Entertainment Lawyer?

You may be wondering whether you should add an entertainment lawyer to your team. So far this series has explored what entertainment law is and what entertainment lawyers specifically do. This article focuses on whether you need an entertainment lawyer on your team.  Entertainment lawyers provide specialized advice which allows them to provide the

The Bowen Law Group What do Entertainment Lawyers do

What Do Entertainment Lawyers Do?

There are many different types of attorneys that practice law in a variety of areas. Entertainment lawyers are a specific type of attorney that practice entertainment law. The last blog post in this series explains what entertainment law is and breaks it down in simple terms. This post is filled

The Bowen Law Group Georgia Entertainment Lawyers What do they do

What is Entertainment Law?

If you are looking for more information about what an entertainment lawyer does, you made it to the right place. The entertainment industry can be complicated. The business revolves around intellectual property and a variety of contracts. Entertainment law focuses on these aspects of the business. There are many different

Do I Need an Entertainment Lawyer?

Whether you are looking to hire an entertainment lawyer or are simply seeking more information about what an entertainment lawyer does, you are in the right place! As you likely know, the entertainment industry is extremely complicated. It is an industry that revolves around specific rules and standards that are

The Impact of COVID-19 Protocols on Independent Filmmakers

While the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every industry, protocols implemented by the IATSE—the trade union representing 90% of individuals on a film set—have created unique challenges for independent filmmakers and production companies.  Current COVID-19 Protocols  In May 2020, the IATSE hired a trio of epidemiologists to consult with the union

Why Low Budget and Independent Filmmakers Should Use a Signatory

Low budget and independent theatrical film or television productions face many obstacles to success due to their limited funding and lack of big studio support. However, there are steps that independent filmmakers can take to ensure they are in the most advantageous position possible as creators. One of these steps

The Legal Risks of Live Streaming

Over the past year, live streaming apps like Periscope and Meerkat have become extremely popular. Now even Facebook has gotten into the live streaming game. These apps allow users to broadcast any event live using their smartphone. Not surprisingly, this technology has raised a host of legal issues, primarily in

Five Legal Issues to Consider When Filming in Georgia

If you are considering filming your production in Georgia, it is important that you have a clear understanding of the laws in place within the Georgia film industry. There are a number of laws pertaining to actor’s rights, filming locations and film sets that require comprehensive understanding before filming begins.