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What Do Entertainment Lawyers Do?

The Bowen Law Group What do Entertainment Lawyers do

There are many different types of attorneys that practice law in a variety of areas. Entertainment lawyers are a specific type of attorney that practice entertainment law. The last blog post in this series explains what entertainment law is and breaks it down in simple terms. This post is filled with more information about what entertainment lawyers specifically do.

You may be wondering what it means when an attorney is considered an “entertainment lawyer.” Lawyers may choose to specialize their focus in different practice areas. This means that an entertainment attorney focuses on the issues that face creators and professionals in the entertainment industry.

Entertainment lawyers provide legal advice and guidance to their clients in all areas of the entertainment industry. Some clients include producers, talent, musicians, and creative professionals.

If you work in the entertainment industry, you probably have a strong team of agents and managers that you work with. Your lawyer may share some similar roles with other members of your team. However, an entertainment attorney differs from other members of your team in a few key ways. Attorneys must have a license to practice law. This means they can give legal advice that other members of your team cannot. They also will help find new business possibilities and minimize risk. Additionally, they are experts in negotiating contracts and deals with your best interests in mind.

Entertainment lawyers come at a cost, but it is important to remember that there are some things that an attorney can do for you that no one else on your team can. If you are in a position where legal questions are arising more frequently and contracts are being negotiated and signed, it may be time to add an entertainment lawyer to your team. The Bowen Law Group is ready to help.