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The Production Legal Checklist

Over the years, we have had many independent filmmakers tell us they were initially hesitant to reach out to an entertainment law firm because they were nervous about the prospect of incurring huge attorney fees. Unfortunately, those fears are often well-founded as some entertainment attorneys are extremely expensive.

One of our core values at Bowen Schmidt Entertainment Attorneys is empowering creatives. While every production is different, planning ahead and knowing your production’s legal needs can be crucial to success. As such, we have compiled a checklist to help you ensure the vast majority of your legal needs have been considered and addressed. With a little research and effort, many of these items do not require the assistance of an attorney at all.

It is our sincere hope that this checklist will enable you to be confident that the majority of your legal obligations and needs are fully covered. Should you have any questions or if we can ever provide assistance of any kind, please never hesitate to contact our team.

About Bowen Schmidt Entertainment Attorneys

At Bowen Schmidt Entertainment Attorneys, our vision is to utilize our unique knowledge to empower creatives, advocate for their artistic pursuits, and steadfastly protect, expand, and safeguard their legal rights. We aspire to help create a better world for our clients, where our dedication and innovative legal solutions help our clients fully realize their dreams. We believe every industry creative deserves to pursue their passion without fear of exploitation and we aspire to set new industry standards for the protection of creatives’ rights

How and Why We're Different

We focus on giving clients the full attention they deserve and we have found that our clients value the personal dedication they receive as a result.  We believe no law firm can be successful without a relationship of trust with its clients. For that reason, we offer fair and transparent rates, flat fee business formation services, and never bill for ticky-tack incidentals.

We never want you to be afraid of reaching out to us in fear of racking up a huge bill. With us, you’ll always have a direct line of communication with your lawyer via phone, email, and text — whichever you prefer.

But don’t just take our word for it. Ask the countless film and television productions, record labels, and artists that have turned to Bowen Schmidt Entertainment Attorneys in their hour of need. Ask the hundreds of local and national businesses and entrepreneurs, big and small, that have benefited from our counsel. To us, every case is an important one.

Let us know how we can help you.