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How to Choose an Entertainment Lawyer

The Bowen Law Group Georgia Entertainment Lawyers How to Choose

So far in this series we have explored what entertainment law is, what entertainment lawyers do, and how to know when you need an entertainment attorney on your team. If you have decided that you are ready to add a lawyer to your team, you may be wondering how to find the best fit for the role. As the saying goes, it is true that you are only as strong as the weakest member of your team. This is why it is very important to hire an entertainment lawyer who can meet your specific needs as a creator.  

Hiring an entertainment attorney that shares common goals, advocates for your career, and with whom you have a strong personal relationship is very important. Additionally, you will want to hire someone that specializes in your specific area of work. For example, if you are a film or TV producer, you should look for an entertainment lawyer who has done legal work for filmmakers in the past. If you are a songwriter or musician, you may want to hire someone who has experience in copyright registration and intellectual property. You should also consider whether you need an attorney who is an expert in drafting contracts or someone who is ready to litigate in court on your behalf. By finding an entertainment lawyer that has experience in the specific aspects of your business, you are ensuring that you have the best fitting representation for your legal needs. 

The Bowen Law Group has an extensive Entertainment Law practice. Our attorneys truly care about each client and carefully tailor the legal services offered to each situation. If you are ready to add an entertainment lawyer to your team, The Bowen Law Group would love to hear from you to see if our services match your needs.