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Do I Need an Entertainment Lawyer?

The Bowen Law Group Georgia Entertainment Lawyers How to Choose

You may be wondering whether you should add an entertainment lawyer to your team. So far this series has explored what entertainment law is and what entertainment lawyers specifically do. This article focuses on whether you need an entertainment lawyer on your team. 

Entertainment lawyers provide specialized advice which allows them to provide the best representation to entertainment professionals. Adding an entertainment attorney to your team can be vital to your success. A great lawyer will assist you with a variety of tasks, including: 

  1. Negotiating agreements on your behalf to protect your interests
  2. Protecting your intellectual property rights
  3. Drafting contract and deal point agreements
  4. Providing representation in court to pursue legal remedies if your intellectual property rights have been violated
  5. Networking and connecting you with other members of your team, including managers and agents
  6. Advising on business decisions to help you reach your goals

Your entertainment attorney will focus on the legal details so you will be free to focus on the creative aspects of your work. There are a few key scenarios to look out for than indicate it may be time to hire an entertainment lawyer:

  1. You are signing deals and negotiating legally binding agreements
  2. Your work has been infringed upon and you want to take action in court to enforce your rights
  3. You need to defend yourself against a claim by someone else that you have infringed on their intellectual property rights
  4. You want to register your work for federal protection, such as copyright, patent, or trademark and need assistance 

If you are ready to add an entertainment lawyer to your team, The Bowen Law Group might be the firm to represent you. With an extensive entertainment law practice, the firm will focus on the legal aspects of your career so you can focus on entertaining.